Diamond Shapes

At the Jewellery Web Shop we aim to fully and indeed correctly inform and educate our customers on everything concerning diamonds.

The actual visual shape of diamonds is most important.

It is one thing to decide the type of shape of diamond required and quite another the quality and visual beauty of this cut within each different shape.


This is true in ALL shapes and this page will help you understand the reasons why.


Choose the shape of your diamond first.


The main criteria for selection of your special diamond is of course personal preference as to the shape.

If you have looked at diamonds at your local jeweller they will have been presented under professional lighting conditions which, feel quite sure, have enhanced the sparkle or brilliance making it more difficult to actually observe the differences in light refraction between them.

The truth of the matter is that if the brilliant cut is given 100% light refractive qualities, the oval, pear and marquise will have around 90% while the heart shape will be around 80%, the princess and the trilliant or trillion 70% followed by the emerald, radiant and cushion at 60% with the baguette last at around the 45% mark.


The foremost diamond shapes are shown below and below that a short account of each.

The foremost diamond shapes are shown below and below that a short account of each.

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I also supply fully certificated diamonds loose from stock or I can act as your broker in which case I will personally locate, negotiate and purchase a diamond for you on the International diamond markets worldwide.

This service is specifically designed for diamonds of all shapes above the 1.50ct weight within D/J IF to SI2 quality.


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