1. Soap sud method

Dip your item of jewellery in a mixture of warm / hot water & washing up liquid, taking an old toothbrush to scrub the item thoroughly.

Scrub until you think it is clean and rinse profusely under the hot tap, making sure the sink exit is blocked for obvious reasons !

repeat as often as you deem necessary.
Wipe with tissue or clean cotton cloth.
When dry then dip in meths spirit
and wipe again.

2. Ultra sound method

Dip your item of jewellery in an ultra sound machine, this is basically a very high frequency vibrating reciprocal filled with a special cleansing fluid and follow instructions.

These small machines can be bought at many high street jewellery outlets at a price of around £20 to £30.

Kindly note that this method is not without risk as an already loose stone may be made looser still and drop off.

Also unless done professionally it may not give a satisfactory result.

Specialised cleansing fluids can also be purchased but will not give better results than the soap sud method.

TIP: At all times you should dip your item of jewellery in a methylated spirit solution and dry with a cotton cloth, you will be surprised how the gold will shine again.

All our items of jewellery come with a lifelong free cleaning and polishing warranty.

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