Choosing Your Diamond

The selection of a diamond which will represent exactly what you would want is not as easy as many articles found online would lead you to believe.

It is, of course exact that a diamond graded by an internationally recognised diamond grading laboratory such as the HRD, EGL, IGI and GIA will facilitate this choice, however, to purchase a diamond SOLELY on the information found on a certificate is not to be recommended and is even foolish.

Diamond grading is not an exact science colour spectrums are established by comparison to a set of diamond colour samples and a diamond found to be at the bottom of a particular colour scale, say ‘G’ will cost LESS than one at the top of the scale.

Furthermore the clarity of the diamond follows a ‘micron’ scale size to which the imperfections are measured to. Again within this scale the EXACT size is not mentioned so an imperfection found to be at the bottom of a particular clarity range will be valued less than one at the top of the same clarity grade. Also the placement and colour of the imperfection is important and here no real mention is found on a certificate.


As an example you can have an imperfection placed on the side of the diamond, that same imperfection could be in the centre of the diamond as well. The first may be white while the other black. The imperfection in the centre may, due to its position, reflect around the inside of the diamond as well, something which will not be shown or counted for on the evaluation of the certificate.


These details and others not mentioned could, each in turn, add or reduce value to your diamond.


Besides this and perhaps the most important parameter of all, is that of the quality of cut, it is not mentioned on the certificate either.


Take a brilliant cut diamond of a specific weight and of ‘very good’ proportions and finish or symmetry, which by the way incorporates terms as ‘Excellent’, ‘Premium’, ‘Ideal’ or ‘perfect’ and compare to another diamond of identical weight but cut to a set of different proportions.


Both, on the certificate, will look very similar, HOWEVER, to the eye, will look totally different. One diamond will, in the worst of cases look much smaller than the other, in fact up to 20% smaller than the other diamond at equal weight, both diamonds, again to the eye, will sparkle just as much so should they be equally priced I ask you?… No of course not, yet the certificate does not differentiate between them, except technically that is which only an expert can distinguish between the details.


Many dealers work on these ‘loopholes’ within the diamond grading system and supply good looking diamonds on paper, which have cost them less, at a price which would enable the customer to obtain a far better looking diamond if only they could find a company able to SPECIALLY select these special diamonds for them.


This is the EXCLUSIVE service we offer our customers and at NO EXTRA CHARGE.. Only possible because we are REAL diamond cutters and merchants with a HUGE inventory at our disposal from which we are able to select from for our ONLINE customers. Yes we do sell elsewhere… to the trade to be exact who purchase diamonds which will offer them the possibility of MAXIMISING their margins to the detriment of their customers.


Your SELECTION or choice is of the utmost importance and ONLY in this way will you be sure to obtain REAL value for money and diamonds which, due to their outstanding quality of cut, will represent diamonds of exquisite size, beauty and sparkle.


I cannot stress enough the importance of dealing with REAL expert diamond cutters and merchants. Please refer to our ‘Profile’ page for further details.


If you have any questions please get in contact with us.


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