At the Jeweller’s, obviously – but what sort of jeweller? You have a choice of five:

The cheapest:
Go to a catalogue showroom or one of the mass market jewellery multiples found in every high street. Both sorts buy ready made engagement rings in bulk from specialist manufacturers and can produce a 9ct gold ring set with a tiny diamond for under £150.

The smaller independent jeweller:
Often run and owned by one man who goes to the same manufacturers but may not have the buying power of mass market firms.

The better independent & quality national chains:
They buy from specialist manufacturers, focussing on medium priced rings, bought in quantity.

International jewellers:
The top step on the ladder who work to an international standard. They source stones in Antwerp or New York, design in house and manufacture in their own workshops offering a bespoke service to a demanding clientele.

The Jewellery Web Shop:
Due to their very special position on the precious stone market and their exclusive use of the internet as a sales outlet they are able to offer the quality and service of an International Jeweller at prices similar to those found at mass market multiples.


Our rings are fully and individually hand crafted to the highest professional standards.