The Marquise cut


The proportions of the marquise cut will allow for a visually large looking diamond and when set, in length, along the finger will make the hand look very much longer and slender indeed. Cut in a similar fashion to the brilliant cut it will sparkle, to the eye, as much. Once again thicker girdles should be avoided and the table size, in comparison should be just right otherwise a type of ‘bow-tie’ effect will be seen from the top which is not desirable at all. We will, if required, specially a select beautiful example for you making this one of the most fantastic looking engagement rings possible. The length of the diamond compared to its width is once again a matter of personal preference, however, the ‘thicker’ looking examples should be avoided as they will not show their true size to the eye.

The Oval cut


The oval shaped diamond is the nearest thing to the brilliant cut, ¡n fact you can say that it is a bit like a marquise cut with ‘rounded’ points, so cut in a similar fashion. Light refraction, therefore is, to the eye, once again comparable to the brilliant cut. Their length, as with the marquise cut, can accentuate a slender hand. The same arguments as put forward to the marquise cut apply to the oval cut diamond. Beware of those with too thick a girdle and smaller looking table size.

The Pear shape


The pear shaped diamond, once again, is a variant of the brilliant cut. It is also known as a ‘teardrop’ and can look very attractive if set in an appropriately designed engagement ring. The pear shape is also a popular choice for a pendant. The same cautions apply to the pear shaped diamond as with the marquise and the oval shapes.


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