The Heart shape and Trilliant cut


As a symbol of love the heart is a very special choice. It is unique and the ultimate show of love. The heart shape, however, ¡s probably the most difficult of all the cuts from which to select from as they come in a very wide variety of different sets of proportions and visual sizes at equal weight. It is most important, if you want a beautifully looking example that it is specially selected for you. This is NOT a type of cut which you can purchase by evaluation on a certificate as there are too many other parameters involved which are not shown on the report. The trilliant cut is a close cousin of the heart shape and the same factors apply to it. The trilliant cut is used mostly as side stones on an engagement ring or as earrings as well. They are popular as pendants as well.

The Emerald cut


The emerald cut has less facets when compared to the princess so will sparkle less as a result. It should have a large table which will give the diamond an ‘internal’ type of brilliance. The emerald cut diamond is a cheaper diamond to produce due to it losing less diamond material during the cutting process so you will be getting a ‘bigger’ looking diamond for the same money which can’t be bad. Emerald cuts come in a variety of rectangular shapes so selection is most important as they can vary considerably and, once again, will depend on personal preference. The important thing, however, in a well cut example is that the girdle is not too thick and the table size not too small otherwise the diamond will not show its correct size and the weight versus visual size ratio will not be good. As this type of cut is more ‘transparent’ than others it would be best that anything below the VS2 be avoided.


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