The Brilliant (round) cut

The brilliant cut diamond is the most popular of all the shapes. This is the most ‘traditional’ of the shapes and the one which sparkles the most due to its excellent light refractive capabilities due to its uniform rounded shape. A lot has been written on the sparkle (brilliance) or fire of a diamond, however, I cannot stress enough that this is NOT the most important criteria of all as the human eye can pick up but so much and will not be able to differentiate between say a so called ‘Ideal’ cut, ‘Excellent’ or ‘very good’ parameters. The most important factor, therefore, is what the eye will perceive which is the actual VISUAL SIZE of the diamond compared to another of the same weight. At the Jewellery Web Shop we will select an appropriate diamond for you, so if actual visual size is important, let us know and we will select accordingly.

The Princess cut


The princess cut diamond is the most popular of the non round diamond shapes. It has quite a respectable brilliance coefficient giving it very good sparkle and its square shape makes it a favourite for those looking for a ‘different’ type of diamond engagement ring. A well shaped and proportioned princess cut should be uniform in sparkle and colour should not be visible in the corners. Princess cuts can be perfectly square or slightly rectangular but this is something more akin to personal preference than to quality of cut. The table, in order that the diamond shows its full visual size cannot be too small and must look ‘spread’. Due to the fact that these diamond shapes are usually cut from perfect diamond crystals they tend to look thickish and small when compared to the rarer, more ‘spread’ examples. It is, therefore most important, as this is not necessarily apparent by looking at a certificate, that they be specially selected.


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