Diamond Clarity

Understanding a diamond report …..CLARITY

  • Diamonds are crystalised carbon where, during their formation, traces of non- crystalised materials were able to be trapped within it. These imperfections are called inclusions and can be measured (microns).
  • These inclusions can be of various colors, transparent (gaseous bubble), black (carbon), green, brown etc.
  • Some are more obvious to the eye than others, this factor is taken into consideration where grading diamonds is concerned.
  • If an imperfection is too large or too colored it can interfere with the brilliance or sparkle of the diamond.
  • Clarity is determined by examination under a specially adapted stereoscopic microscope, the norm being that the grading is labelled as ‘viewed under 10x magnification by a trained eye using a loupe (glass), free of chromatic aberration’.
  • The size of the imperfections go from ‘Internally Flawless’ (IF or FL) to ‘P3’ (pique) or ‘I3′(inclusion 3).


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