Buying Jewellery or for that matter any expensive commodity on-line can be a very stressful and traumatic experience for some people. However, if certain precautions are taken, buying diamond jewellery on-line can save you literally thousands.

1/ It is quite normal, due to their very high overheads, for conventional jewellery outlets to apply huge mark-ups, in most cases, on average, 250% but this can quite easily exceed 350%. An exclusively sales orientated e-jewellery outlet does not carry these overheads, in most cases we can supply at half the price of the high street.

2/Due to these important mark-ups conventional jewellery outlets, in order to stay competitive, will supply inferior quality diamonds. E-jewellery companies do not need to do so and can offer real value for money. This is why we can offer comparable quality items to top international jewellers, where price is less important, at prices far inferior to a comparable item on the high street.

3/Conventional jewellery outlets, again due to their high overheads, are forced to sell other things than diamond jewellery, ie: silverware, watches, luxury pens, porcelain and fashion accessories. Many of their sales staff are not really fully trained in the art of diamond identification and expertise. Some e-jewellery outlets, not all, have this expertise, especially if they have had experience in the diamond industry before their going on-line.

4/You will receive from most reputable e-jewellery companies a full money back guarantee and problems will be sorted out quickly and efficiently, very few firms dealing on-line want to run the risk of a dissatisfied customer, our reputation needs to be made, not destroyed.

5/Most reputable e-jewellery outlets will supply diamond certificates, insurance valuation documents and delivery inclusive in their price. At least we do !!

6/On-line, you can make a well thought out and informed purchase, there are no pressures from sales staff, email communication makes it easy for you to get all the expert advice necessary and you can take your time, no need to rush or waste time and effort roaming the streets in search of that acceptable item of diamond jewellery.

Just surf through our extensive range and make your choice in the knowledge that if it does not turn out to your full satisfaction, well, no problem, we will either refund or recraft your item until full satisfaction is achieved.

Why not share your anxieties with us, give us the chance to earn your trust, after all the 5th ‘C’ is the most important of all, the ‘C’ for CONFIDENCE in your supplier.


Our rings are fully and individually hand crafted to the highest professional standards.