Unlike what you may think buying a certificated diamond is not a guarantee that what you are buying is what you are receiving

For the following reasons:

1/ Diamond laboratories do not give you any type of recourse should their diamond report not be correct. Only your supplier can do this.


2/ Diamond grading is not an exact science, the only things you can be absolutely sure of and that all laboratories will agree upon is the material (diamond) and the weight (carat size) as well as the measurements.


Colour, Clarity and Cut are left to the appreciation of those expert examiners, working often on different equipment and, most importantly, different colour samples and lighting conditions.


Laboratories as the HRD, IGI, EGL and GIA will often give very different results for one and the same individual diamond.


In fact they may not even be able to reproduce the same result upon re-examination. Each laboratory has its own level of consistency with the results, none are perfect.


We have seen differences of up to two colours and two clarities between them, so in the worst scenario, what you think is a ‘G’ VVS1 could on another examination, turn out to be an ‘I’ VS1. Differences of one colour and/or one clarity grade are not rare.<


This can mean important differences in the price, up to 35%, so be wary and seek advice from an expert.


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